How Will Immigration Reform Affect Your Family?

Posted on January 12, 2015 by Brenden Conway

Immigration Law – Dallas, TX

As Washington battles over recent immigration policies, millions of undocumented immigrants have been left in the dark about the standing of their residency. A lot has been said about recent movements by the president regarding his decision to take executive action on deportation, but what does it all mean to you and your family?

When President Obama issued his executive order on immigration in November, he defiantly enhanced the deferred action program, increasing the amount of illegal immigrants that are allowed to stay and work in the United States. While there are many tribulations ahead as Congress and the president butt heads, millions of immigrants who would normally face deportation are now able to remain in the country.

Most estimate that about 45% of undocumented illegal immigrants, up to 3.7 million people, may fall under the executive order. The president’s actions are aimed to prevent the deportation of undocumented parents of legal permanent residents and children who were brought to the United States illegally before 2010. With this order in place, families that would normally be torn apart because of immigration laws are temporarily shielded. In addition to these groups, it will now be easier for professionals and “talented entrepreneurs” to take advantage of an opportunity to stay in the country.

As the process works itself out, the president has been adamant in stating that his executive order does not mean the borders are open and a free-for-all. The actions that have taken place have been very meticulous and still does not provide legal residency for those that fall into these broad categories. It is meant as a response to the legislature’s inability to develop and pass permanent immigration reform. As part of the executive order, enhanced resources are being sent to the border to aid in the process or expediting the deportation of criminals and recent arrivals.

As immigration reform continues to become more and more complicated, it is important to have a proper consultation on the rights of you and your family. Hosseiny & Herrera Law Firm is committed to helping you navigate the confusion of immigration law as it unfolds over a constantly changing political landscape. Call us today to learn more about how you and your family’s rights might be influenced.


Child Custody

Posted on July 22, 2014 by Brenden Conway


Choosing a Child Custody Lawyer

As difficult a situation as divorce is, it becomes even more complicated when there are children involved. Often times, one of both parents will attempt to use their children as leverage, both in and out of court. Because of the emotional and psychological toll a child custody case can take on a person, it’s important to choose an attorney with extensive experience.

First Steps

Your first step should be to talk to friends or family members who have been through a similar situation. You can gain a personal insight from their experience. When you do find an attorney and are considering his or her services, do your research. Find out where that child custody attorney went to school, how long they have practiced child custody law in Dallas, TX, and what his or her strategy will be for your case.

The more questions you ask, the more comfortable you will be. With the high stakes of any child custody case, it’s important to trust your attorney.



Posted on January 23, 2013 by Maryam Hosseiny

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